Minatamis na Langka

Minatamis na Langka is a mouthwatering treat you’d want on hand year-round. This sweetened jackfruit is easy to make in 30 minutes and with just three ingredients! Enjoy it on its own or use in other recipes.

Fresh langka is hard to come where I live so when I do find it at the Asian supermarkets I frequent, I usually buy a good few pounds. Half of the fruit I eat as is and the remaining half I bottle to use in other desserts like ginataang bilo-bilobanana turon, or halo-halo.

Although bottled sweetened jackfruit is readily available at most Asian grocery stores or online, there’s nothing like homemade in my opinion. It’s easy to make by simply stewing the fruit in simple syrup and I can control the amount of sugar used.

Plus, the distinct aroma wafting in the kitchen as the langka cooks is hard to beat!

What you’ll need

  • Langka– use RIPE jackfruit. You can use frozen if fresh is unavilable; just thaw and drain well.
  • Sugar– use granulated white sugar. Sweetens the dish and acts as a preservative
  • Water– for making the syrup

Quick Tip

Langka secretes a white resin. Coat knife and chopping board with oil for easy clean-up. Coat your hands with oil or wear gloves to protect from the sticky substance.

How to prepare jackfruit

  1. Cover work area with a plastic wrap. Wear latex gloves and coat the knife with oil.
  2. Cut the langka lengthwise in quarters.
  3. Remove the tough, white core in the center fo the jackfruit and discard.
  4. Bend the fruit pods to loosen from the fibrous flesh and pull out. Remove any fibrous pulp that clings to each pod and discard.
  5. Make an incision at the end of the bulb, and pop out the seed. The seeds are edible; save them to roast and enjoy as a filling snack!
  6. Repeat the process with the remaining pods and proceed with the recipe.

How to serve and store

  • Enjoy minatamis na langka on its or as an ingredient in many sweet desserts or delicacies.
  • Transfer to a clean jar with a tight-fitting lid and refrigerate for up to one week. For longer storage, use sterilized jars and follow safe canning guidelines.

Minatamis na Langka

Sweetened Jackfruit is easy to make with only three ingredients and so delicious. Enjoy on its own or use in other yummy dessert recipes!

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